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Wet ‘n’ Dirty

Today has been a bad day.  In a way.

I took a bus just after 6AM.  The online planner said there was 0 wait for the connection, which should have warned me.  I got to the stop, and… no bus.  Waited a couple of minutes and asked someone.  Not along for a while… he scoffed at the idea that they’d wait for one another.  Lovely.

So I headed out.  In the general direction.  Found a sidewalk between houses that led to that area, another street, and a roughly-paved street without sidewalks… lovely.  Down a dirt road to get out of the way a bit as a shortcut.  Wiped mud off shoes.  Back-tracked a bit to the destination, got in the truck.  It starts, hooray!

That took about 45 minutes.  Maybe *slightly* longer than if I had waited for the next bus, seriously.

In rush hour with an oddly-running truck, though.  Take it to the shop for the safety re-inspection.  Oh, you need that paper?  It’s at my brother’s.  Damn.  Head over there.  Call him, though I know he’ll be asleep… he is, and also at his… girlfriend’s?  I park on the side of the road, and trek the mile to the nearest bus stop.  At least there’s always one there.

Back at work.  Afterwards I text my brother, and pick him up from his girl’s place and take him home so I can get the stuff.  Park the car, take the truck and paper in and make it to the shop.  Finally.  On the books for tomorrow anyway.

It’s been sleeting for a while now.

Bus shelter a few meters away on the wrong side of the street, I think.  Call – about 25m till the next bus.

I start out again.  I guess it’s 1 1/2-2m.  I get to the bus stop on Henderson.  I am wet.  My shoes squish.  I’m cold.  Cars are trying to splash me.  It’s at least 20m until the next normal, unexpressed bus, comes along.

Another 1m walk back down the street to my brother’s.  Take out my wallet and other sundry from my pants pockets before I get in to my car.  Turn the heat up.  Decompress for a while.

I take off my shoes before I walk in to the apartment.  Hop over the carpet.  Nudify myself in the kitchen.  Oh, the blinds are open from the pictures I took out of it earlier, lovely.  Hang everything up.  Dress.

I hate winter already.