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I… was an ex-lesbian.

I… was an ex-lesbian.

July 12, 2010 9:05 pm0 comments

So, I came upon this site.  And, being the damned hipster I am, thought it would be good, given my history, to have this shirt that said Ex-Lesbian.  Even if it came from a Christian reformation site.

So, I emailed them (you couldn’t get it through the regular cart).


Thank you for your interest in the Ex-Homosexual t-shirt! Our devotion is Jesus Christ and to point people to Him in sincere love that will lead them to biblical repentance.

In order to purchase this shirt we ask that you email us your testimony of how and why you are an Ex-Homosexual. We have found that wearing this shirt brings forth immediate ministry and it’s very important to us that those who wear this shirt are willing and ready to minister, encourage, and testify to those who come their way.

So please feel free to email us your testimony if you are interested in purchasing this shirt. Also, check out the new Ex-Homosexual video! CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO

God bless,

Let that be a warning to you. Thank you, throwaway addresses.

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