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BIND Logging

BIND Logging

August 5, 2009 2:14 pm11 comments

So, trying to look up some leftover recursive clients in the logs, and I find I’m not familiar with all of the flags.  Some digging later, and I’m led to the source code…

Now, I know that a minus or a plus at the end of the line indicates whether recursion was requested or not.  The others I was seeing, however… -EDC -EC, -ED, etc.  The E seems to be EDNS0, which is fine… the others, I gather, some dnssec mechanisms.  I’m not familiar enough with that, yet.

From the source, though:

(client->signer != NULL) ? “S”: “”,
(client->opt != NULL) ? “E” : “”,
((extflags & DNS_MESSAGEEXTFLAG_DO) != 0) ? “D” : “”,
((flags & DNS_MESSAGEFLAG_CD) != 0) ? “C” : “”);

Signer, Messageextflag_do, messageflag_cd, are what, exactly?  DNSSEC queries?


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