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The literature of Sparta

The literature of Sparta

July 25, 2009 11:34 am0 comments

I’ve been reading more, lately.  Finished Moby Dick, finally.  What an oddly-constructed story.  75% whaling industry information, 25% story.

Then read The Belgariad again and gave it to the kid.

Borrowed Life of Pi.  This one interested me – I’ve seen it everywhere, was told it was good.  One note, and in the book itself, says it’s a story that will make you believe in God.  Having finished it, I can only see that being the case if you already believe.  You’ll find what you want in it – but it’s a good introspective story otherwise.

Movies – My Dinner With Andre.  Wallace Shawn – really.  Seems so odd and awkward being on-screen.  Watching it now, trying to see if there’s any sense in it.

Also, Skittles + Vodka – I must be doing something wrong.

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