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Stupid Network Management Protocol

Stupid Network Management Protocol

May 17, 2009 7:54 am0 comments

So, been going nuts with SNMP.  It’s fairly simple with the tools nowadays to graph traffic with MRTG.

So, I added basic statements and access list for the Cisco switch (2924XL) and walked it.  Added that to a page.  Added the same to the one at work and punched a hole for my own IP to be able to talk to it.

Then my desktop – you can install SNMP widgets in XP.  Now had stats on the ethernet interfaces.

Then looked at the Cisco 837 at work.  Added that.

Was quiet for a while… started looking around at what else would support it.

The wireless router.  WRT54GL with OpenWRT.  Did it…?  Yes, there’s SNMP libraries.  Graphed.

At this point, you can see the traffic flowing through the network if you know how it’s hooked up.

Looked at the DSL modem (Speedstream 4200), no SNMP option on the web page.  BUT… the telnet interface does mention it, and there’s a windows tool for it… got wireshark to see what it was doing.  ‘public’ is the default community, I can’t even find mention of that in the config, or how to change or lock that down.

Either way, graphed.

Then found and figured out the OIDs for SNR and attenuation.  So I have a running look at the suitability of my line.

Trying to figure out the sync rate now.  That *should* be graphable.  Not many examples out there – most seem to run against scripts that parse the HTML page of the router.  Sub-optimal.

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