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Acer 610 BIOS reset

Acer 610 BIOS reset

April 19, 2009 2:26 pm0 comments

So, came to me with an Acer 613txv.  Supervisor password on it, so couldn’t boot or get into it.  Older laptop, nobody’s remembered what it was.

Removing the CMOS battery doesn’t do it, obviously.  Took it apart to find a jumper for resetting it… doesn’t have, but there *is* a switch block.  I couldn’t find any documentation on it, but… only 4 switches, so the possibilities were simple.

So, easy instructions.  First, remove keyboard.  There’s one screw on the bottom with an arrow pointing to it.  Unscrew, the pull out the tabs on the keyboard, and pry around to pull it up.

The switch block is under the keyboard ribbon cable.

Turn the computer off, put #1 and #3 to on.  Turned it on, F2 for the BIOS, worked.  Turned off Supervisor password, saved, turned off.  Set switches back, and turn on again and it should be good.

Not responsible if you screw it up/fry your dogs/start global thermonuclear war, all that sort of thing.

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