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Solaris 10 chroot sftp

Solaris 10 chroot sftp

Strangely enough, it *can* be done entirely within Solaris.  The internet wasn’t as much help as thought, so we went to the source.

It turns out there’s a patch, 148104-19 at the time of writing, that adds the ‘Match’ keyword options.  So that it functions much more like OpenSSH, allowing you to chroot individual users.

That number is specific to Solaris 64 on SPARC, though there are others.  Much better than going the unsupported OpenSSH install way that I was otherwise going to be forced into.

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Hippo Therapy

Hippo Therapy


Hippotherapy generally has to do with horses, apparently.  The incongruous naming occurred to be ripe for lampooning, and thus, it has happened.


Internet, you’re welcome.

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Dell 2950 Fakeraid, Grub, and you

Dell 2950 Fakeraid, Grub, and you

So, PERC 5/i RAID on a 2950 is a bitch.

You can install linux on it, that goes fine.  But if you have to edit and re-do the bootloader, grub-install doesn’t work.  Because the megaraid_sas driver isn’t supported by dmraid, as far as I can tell.  However, there’s a way around it.

1.  Edit the /boot/grub/grub.conf file as you need.

2.  Go into a grub CLI just by typing ‘grub’

3.  Tell it the HD you’re working on – in this case, it’s the first, so ‘root (hd0,0)’

4.  Reinstall with ‘setup (hd0)’

Ta-da.  Sample below:

grub> root (hd0,0)
root (hd0,0)
Filesystem type is ext2fs, partition type 0x83
grub> setup (hd0)
setup (hd0)
Checking if “/boot/grub/stage1” exists… no
Checking if “/grub/stage1” exists… yes
Checking if “/grub/stage2” exists… yes
Checking if “/grub/e2fs_stage1_5” exists… yes
Running “embed /grub/e2fs_stage1_5 (hd0)”…  27 sectors are embedded.
Running “install /grub/stage1 (hd0) (hd0)1+27 p (hd0,0)/grub/stage2 /grub/grub.conf”… succeeded
grub> quit

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CentOS? More like GetBentOS, AMIRITE

CentOS? More like GetBentOS, AMIRITE

Not sure I like it, but it’s pretty standard, close to RH which we actually have at work, easier updates than Slackware, so maybe…

But getting some sort of userspace CLI for the Serveraid 5i on the IBM X345 has been hell.  I finally found what I needed, though, at:

The “IBM ServeRAID Support CD”.


mkdir iso

mount -o loop -t iso9660 ibm_fw_srsupp_7_12_14_anyos_32-64.iso iso

cp iso/linux/scsi/cmdline/ipssend /usr/bin

Voila.   Been looking at this occasionally over months – not that it wasn’t running, but I didn’t want to have to reboot and go into the firmware to do any RAID operations.  Now I can tell at a glance that the hardware hot-swap ability is on, what the status of the rebuild is, etc.


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I hate redhat.

I hate redhat.

I have spent the last few days fighting with kickstart on RHEL 5.5.  Enabling logging, debug, –nochroot, everything, you know what the issue behind my failure to get anything accomplished, in the end?

Carriage returns.

I’ve been creating the .iso on Windows, and the kickstart file in notepad++, and finally twigged to the fact that it was creating paths with ^M at the end.

Ranting and raving later (Why *shouldn’t* I be doing linux sysadmin stuff on Windows?  Really?), dos2unix, and it EFFING WORKS.

It’s amazing, the floodgates that open upon that realization.

I don’t know if it’s the .iso on USB, mounted through Dell’s iDrac6 and booted as a virtual DVD, that had anything to do with it, but I’m guessing it’s cross-platform.

I can now add all the needed files to an .iso on my windows box (thank you MagicISO – I actually paid for this software, it was so handy), drop it onto a USB stick, and either plug it in or just mount it via the Drac if it’s on the network, and have a system go from bare, to ready, in an hour.

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I… was an ex-lesbian.

I… was an ex-lesbian.

So, I came upon this site.  And, being the damned hipster I am, thought it would be good, given my history, to have this shirt that said Ex-Lesbian.  Even if it came from a Christian reformation site.

So, I emailed them (you couldn’t get it through the regular cart).


Thank you for your interest in the Ex-Homosexual t-shirt! Our devotion is Jesus Christ and to point people to Him in sincere love that will lead them to biblical repentance.

In order to purchase this shirt we ask that you email us your testimony of how and why you are an Ex-Homosexual. We have found that wearing this shirt brings forth immediate ministry and it’s very important to us that those who wear this shirt are willing and ready to minister, encourage, and testify to those who come their way.

So please feel free to email us your testimony if you are interested in purchasing this shirt. Also, check out the new Ex-Homosexual video! CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO

God bless,

Let that be a warning to you. Thank you, throwaway addresses.

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BIND Logging

BIND Logging

So, trying to look up some leftover recursive clients in the logs, and I find I’m not familiar with all of the flags.  Some digging later, and I’m led to the source code…

Now, I know that a minus or a plus at the end of the line indicates whether recursion was requested or not.  The others I was seeing, however… -EDC -EC, -ED, etc.  The E seems to be EDNS0, which is fine… the others, I gather, some dnssec mechanisms.  I’m not familiar enough with that, yet.

From the source, though:

(client->signer != NULL) ? “S”: “”,
(client->opt != NULL) ? “E” : “”,
((extflags & DNS_MESSAGEEXTFLAG_DO) != 0) ? “D” : “”,
((flags & DNS_MESSAGEFLAG_CD) != 0) ? “C” : “”);

Signer, Messageextflag_do, messageflag_cd, are what, exactly?  DNSSEC queries?

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The literature of Sparta

The literature of Sparta

I’ve been reading more, lately.  Finished Moby Dick, finally.  What an oddly-constructed story.  75% whaling industry information, 25% story.

Then read The Belgariad again and gave it to the kid.

Borrowed Life of Pi.  This one interested me – I’ve seen it everywhere, was told it was good.  One note, and in the book itself, says it’s a story that will make you believe in God.  Having finished it, I can only see that being the case if you already believe.  You’ll find what you want in it – but it’s a good introspective story otherwise.

Movies – My Dinner With Andre.  Wallace Shawn – really.  Seems so odd and awkward being on-screen.  Watching it now, trying to see if there’s any sense in it.

Also, Skittles + Vodka – I must be doing something wrong.

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So, watching Fast & Furious Tokyo Drift.  Yeah, it’s bad.

But, it’s in Tokyo.  So, I guess, they were going for the young and impressionable tuner market.  And I was waiting, breathlessly (no, I breathed, I lie), for the first, “You know, in Japan they have a saying…” line.

I kid you not.  I got to it and had to go and get alcohol to calm the raging part of my brain.

Do you think Japanese ‘B’ movies have parts where they say, “You know, in America, they have a saying – eat up, there’s more coming!”

And then, they laugh, at American obesity.

I’d like to think they do.

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Stupid Network Management Protocol

Stupid Network Management Protocol

So, been going nuts with SNMP.  It’s fairly simple with the tools nowadays to graph traffic with MRTG.

So, I added basic statements and access list for the Cisco switch (2924XL) and walked it.  Added that to a page.  Added the same to the one at work and punched a hole for my own IP to be able to talk to it.

Then my desktop – you can install SNMP widgets in XP.  Now had stats on the ethernet interfaces.

Then looked at the Cisco 837 at work.  Added that.

Was quiet for a while… started looking around at what else would support it.

The wireless router.  WRT54GL with OpenWRT.  Did it…?  Yes, there’s SNMP libraries.  Graphed.

At this point, you can see the traffic flowing through the network if you know how it’s hooked up.

Looked at the DSL modem (Speedstream 4200), no SNMP option on the web page.  BUT… the telnet interface does mention it, and there’s a windows tool for it… got wireshark to see what it was doing.  ‘public’ is the default community, I can’t even find mention of that in the config, or how to change or lock that down.

Either way, graphed.

Then found and figured out the OIDs for SNR and attenuation.  So I have a running look at the suitability of my line.

Trying to figure out the sync rate now.  That *should* be graphable.  Not many examples out there – most seem to run against scripts that parse the HTML page of the router.  Sub-optimal.

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Snuff Films That Mom Will Enjoy

Snuff Films That Mom Will Enjoy

Or, how I learned to triple-boot Windows, OSX, Ubuntu.

So, I got a new PC.  MSI Wind Nettop 100. Dual core Atom, low-power CPU, put a 1TB WD Caviar Green drive in it.  And found in one review, links on how to install OSX on one… I had to try.

I ended up installing Windows first – because I must – and then OSX – which wiped Windows somehow, then trying again, and… well, a couple of times, you get the idea.

Finally, how I ended up doing it.

First, I decided on ~30GB for each OS.  The rest of the drive I’ll use for storage.  So, 30GB NTFS partition for Windows is primary #1, installed XP.  I think because of the CF slot, it shows up as drive E all the time – no matter.  Partition #2, I had to mess with – it wanted to install on the NTFS partition though it couldn’t, or something.  Managed to boot into Ubuntu, then clear it so that it could select it as an installable partition.  Installed fine – you have to turn USB support to Hi-speed in the BIOS for this to work.

Then strait to Ubuntu.  Manual install, split into 4 different partitions – /, /home, /var/log, and swap, all extended.  It installs Grub with XP listed without even asking – but not OSX.

That was easy enough – in Ubuntu, edit /boot/grub/menu.lst.  Copy the Windows entry, changing just the title and partition number to match the reality:

title OSX
root (hd0,1)
chainloader +1

Then it comes up in the menu.  But, select it, and the OSX bootloader loads Windows by default.

Thus, hit a key when it prompts during that boot, and choose OSX.  Then within there, edited the bootloader config file like:

sudo nano /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/

There’s an empty Kernel Flags section there – and you can specify what it boots first.  That I changed to the Mac partition as well, with:

<key>Kernel Flags</key>

If you’re unsure you can get the information of the disk and it will tell you which one it is within OSX.

TaDa.  Boots Ubuntu by default, but have a few seconds to choose XP or OSX.  I need to make XP the default, realistically, for now, but otherwise… cool.

I think OSX worked better as well.  I’ll need to tweak it.

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Acer 610 BIOS reset

Acer 610 BIOS reset

So, came to me with an Acer 613txv.  Supervisor password on it, so couldn’t boot or get into it.  Older laptop, nobody’s remembered what it was.

Removing the CMOS battery doesn’t do it, obviously.  Took it apart to find a jumper for resetting it… doesn’t have, but there *is* a switch block.  I couldn’t find any documentation on it, but… only 4 switches, so the possibilities were simple.

So, easy instructions.  First, remove keyboard.  There’s one screw on the bottom with an arrow pointing to it.  Unscrew, the pull out the tabs on the keyboard, and pry around to pull it up.

The switch block is under the keyboard ribbon cable.

Turn the computer off, put #1 and #3 to on.  Turned it on, F2 for the BIOS, worked.  Turned off Supervisor password, saved, turned off.  Set switches back, and turn on again and it should be good.

Not responsible if you screw it up/fry your dogs/start global thermonuclear war, all that sort of thing.

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I am not cheap

I am not cheap

… But I may be inclined towards a little sellout from time to time.

Bought a blackberry, posting from it now. Have to install a different browser, though. This one doesn’t like my webmail page for some reason.

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Data Recovery

Data Recovery

So I was asked about a Western Digital MyBook World Edition II (whew, that’s a mouthful).

It stopped showing up on the network, couldn’t get anything via USB.  Wanted to know if I knew anything about data recovery.  I don’t, specifically, but I’m useful in some ways.

Looking into it, it seems these drives are dual-SATA, with some linux firmware to manage them, actually act as a NAS if you want, which is what this one was for.  However – instead of RAID1, it was set up as RAID0 – so two 500GB disks making a 1TB volume.  Makes it more difficult – if you lose one drive in that, the whole thing is dead.

I agreed to take it on – if it’s linux software RAID, after all, I’m familiar enough to play with it.

Got it, took it apart, mounted the drives.  Had to buy a power adapter and second SATA cable.  Finally left them in the half-case and dropped my desktop on its side and burned a Knoppix liveCD to work in with them.

After several tries, I think I figured it out…

mdadm -E /dev/sda4 /dev/sdb4

Will give enough information to figure out which is disk1 and disk2.  Then:

mdadm -A -R /dev/md4 /dev/sda4 /dev/sdb4 (Depending on the output of the previous command).

Then mounted that and copied stuff off.

The other three matching partitions seem to be for the system/firmware and swap, and… I don’t know.  I didn’t look into recovering the setup, just the data.  Good so far, some errors that may have been from copying files to an NTFS USB drive – all I had around.

I may look into it more in a day and try to make a full writeup… from my searching, there seems to be a dearth of information regarding the RAID0 setup of these things – which, surprisingly, isn’t really RAID0, just linear – so no striping, I gather.  Works out better in this case.

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So there was an argument

So there was an argument

I forget what it was initially about, really.

But she came into my room after, yelling, and I pushed her out.  Yes, hard.  No, I don’t think it was a hit, but I can see where someone would differ.

So the assessment made was that everyone in my life would be subject to the same sort of violence, including my daughter.

I’ve been so offended since, that I’d been deciding to leave these people out of my life.

Now that I’ve moved out, and I’ve had time away from these reminders, I try to talk about it.  Give it one last chance.

“You can see the logic behind what she said.”

Well, I guess.  But it’s wrong, still.  It’s taking one incident and applying it globally.  Which would mean that the person saying it has to apply all of their indiscretions in the same way, and there’s just as much bad in anyone’s history to make that deadly for those in their inner circle.

I know I’m wrong.  I know what anger is like, and that’s why I stop or leave.  If that option is gone, then what must the antagonist be at that point?  What is their fault?  What is mine?

I still make the distinction that my daughter is paramount, and treated differently.  That’s partially because I’ve raised her, I’ve talked to her, I deal with her.  Bad or good.  Not 24 hours a day, admittedly, but I have and can and sometimes do – as in now, when I’m there when she wakes up, to school and to home and all the activities between.

I’ve been hit in that very personal aspect.

I hate to think about it, but I’m always the one to back down and admit to fault, but nobody else does.

I want to be the charismastic bastard that can get away with hurting people, perhaps.

I just don’t have the personality for that.

I’d rather make amends.

But what sort can I?

Will anyone ever meet me halfway?

Even so.

I can see where I’m wrong, and I was.

But I think that, if someone can think that of me, regardless, what sort of relationship could I retain with them?  Knowing that I’m just an outburst away from being labeled a child-beater?

What do you do with those people?

Does this always exist?  Or do I need a new direction, and new friends?

This is sadness.  I can hardly see.

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